Updated Ideas On Valuable Products For Wedding Ideas

I didnt realize how many calories were in the smallest girlie, fruity cocktail. All of those choices really added up. View photos Adrienne Bailon loves taking boxing classes. (Photo: Cecille Boko) More In addition to cutting out carbs, Bailon stocked up on greens. I made a conscious effort not to just eat tons of meat because I wasnt eating carbs, she added. For breakfast, I would have a green juice from Creation. Her juice of choice was Creations 50 Shades of Green. It was important to me that when I was drinking smoothies and juices, they werent just loaded with fruit, which just turns into sugar. For lunch, shed opt for something simple like salmon sashimi. Dinner consisted of a big salad with a clean fish (i.e., not fish slathered in butter). While she struggled at first, by day 22 Bailon said her body was no longer craving carbs and she felt like a new woman. (The fact that her stylist at The Real kept having to take in her clothes over and over helped keep her motivated too.) Related: The Most Awesome Celebrity Fitness Videos From the 80s and 90s But she didnt want to just be thin for her wedding; she wanted to be strong. I brought in this incredible trainer named Massy Arias.

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